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Color Medicine Oracleは、光の法則に接続して自助の癒しと


Color Medicine Oracle Cardsデッキには、次のように美しく描かれた74枚の金色のオラクルカードが含まれています。



  • The oracle cards have been created to be used as a divination tool, with each card featuring a word message to provide clarity and insight, offering wisdom and spiritual guidance through daily life situations.

    The deck contains a unique set of eight Chakra geometry maps to activate, re-energise, and to realign the body’s Chakra’s for balance, channelled by the artist tapping into the sacred star light energy network.

    Each card includes a Chakra colour code bar for healing with light, colour and vibrational energy Explore the rainbow colours for healing your Chakra’s, body, spirit, and your soul.

    For Art enquiries please visit :

  • Pre-Ordering will help to secure our product before it arrives to stores distribution center . A limited number will be available during Pre-Ordering time frame , the remaining Stock will be available as soon as they  have arrived in store .

    * Limited Editions 


    Stock arriving in Mid May 2022

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